SteelClaw Newsletter
Issue I - No. III - January 2001

One of our mascots, the Creativity Demon (right) represents the creativity of the clan, which can be sampled in each edition of our Newsletter. Creativity Demon

It's a new year with new beginnings, and I'm happy to have a fresh start with a brand new Newsletter!  It's been QUITE a while since our last edition, but hopefully this one will live up to our reputation as the bestest darn Clan that exists (YAY US! ^__^v)  To keep in the spirit of things, we have a few new sections and a couple special one-shots including the infamous Popcorn Drama RP (woohoo!) and Competition Time! -a fun game that could win you a millionth of a million dollars (!)  There's also the new Merchandise section, as well as a revised Myths and Legends section, which features one of the creatures seen on Gargoyles...  Anansi the Spider.  Hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful New Year!

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This Design Was Created by Thaylog for Clan SteelClaw in 1998!
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Ieji - The Road Home

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