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You open the tattered pamphlet...

Welcome to Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying Salon!
Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying Salon Treatments are the ultimate gift for that special Gargoyle or Gargess in your life.  We are dedicated to pampering our customers with the most fashionable and unique styles of tail-prettying.  We also make house calls for the shy Gargoyle, coming right to your door to deliver the most advanced and exquisite treatments available to the tail-prettying industry today.  Indulge yourself or a friend today with one of Silver and Shaiya's Ultimate Tail-Prettying Treatments...  You deserve it!

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Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying Salon Treatment Fees
Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying Treatment Salon is proud to announce our new, incredibly low price for our beautiful Tail-Prettying Treatments.  Due to increasing interest in our Salon and our growing selection of unique styles, we have been forced to lower our already astonishingly low fees!  For a limited time, our Tail-Prettying Treatments are at an all-time low cost of only 20 packits of sugar and one pic of Duo Maxwell each!  Compare this to our competition's price, $29.95-$47.96 per treatment and I'm sure you will see the amazing savings!  We're not sure how long we'll be able to offer this incredible price, but as long as we are able to, we will continue bringing you the very best in both fashion and fees here at Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying Salon.  Pamper yourself today.

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Contact Us!

For your very own tail-prettying treatment, contact us here at!
Send us a picture of yourself with your tail in clear sight, your choice of tail-prettying fashion, and the current amazingly low fee of only 20 packits of sugar and one image of Duo Maxwell, and we will give your tail the pampering it deserves!  Treat your tail right today with one of Silver and Shaiya's Tail-Prettying treatment.  Remember, all tails are beautiful.  We just bring out their natural beauty.

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