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Written by Silver 2001
Minimal Editing by Shaiya 2013

Up coming Planned/Story Role Plays: 

If you want to plan an RP please announce it in the Comment Room Or email me and tell me to post it here. :)

Archived RP & Chat sessions: 

(if you have some that I don't know of or you just want added send 'em over! email

GameMaster: Silver 
Status: Boredom Role Play that turned into a Planned/Story RolePlay
Stalker part 2
GameMaster: Silver 
Status: Planned/Story RolePlay
Stalker part 3
GameMaster: Silver 
Status: Planned/Story RolePlay

GameMaster: Erin 
Status: Boredom RolePlay
Popcorn Drama
GameMaster: Ed
Status: Boredom RolePlay
Metal Fairies
GameMaster: Sabrina
Status: Planned/Story RolePlay

Mirror Mirror 1
GameMater: Sabrina
Status: Boredom RolePlay
Goose Monster
GameMaster: Ed
Status: Boredom RolePlay
Pillow Fight
Status: Boredom RolePlay

Flynt Fanclub
Description: Everything must be "Flynt"! Just for fun.
Status: Chat Log (No RP)

Role Play Pics: =

Some of our clan artists have drawn pics of things that have happened during our role play.
(At this time, no images are available. If you have any you want added, send 'em over! :)


Types of role play:

General Role Play
What do I mean by that? General Role Play is unplanned RP that is done on the spur of the moment, that doesn't always have a Game Master. For example: 
RolePlayer1> :::goes into the kitchen and makes cookies::: 

RolePlayer2> *follows RP1 and steals the cookies* 

RolePlayer1> :::growls and chases RP2::

Make sense? It's the kind of playful role play that can happen at almost any time. 
Story/Planned Role Play
This is the kind of role play that almost always has a story that goes along with it and has a Game Master. 
The Game Master's job is to run the RP. They will be controlling any new characters and situations you encounter during the RP. If you are not the Game Master, you are only in charge of your own RP character. For example: 
GameMaster> ***A robot crashes through the roof*** 

RolePlayer1> Holy Sh*t! 

RolePlayer2> :::eyes widen::: 

GameMaster> ***The robot shoots at them*** 

RolePlayer1> *tries to dodge the shots* 

RolePlayer2> :::jumps for cover::: 

GameMaster> ***RP1 is grazed by a bullet on the arm. RP2 made it to cover and is not hit.*** 

RolePlayer1> *fires a plasma blast at the robot* 

GameMaster> ***The robot is too slow the blast hits and the robot is destoryed***

Basically, you do the cause and the GM does the effect. I hope I didn't confuse you too much. ;) 
It is possible to have more than one GM running a RP. Sometimes being GM becomes hectic you may have multiple game characters to play, you'll be describing the scene, working the fight scene and a few other things. Sometimes having more than one GM makes things easier, one GM might be describing the scene while another playing the extra game characters. 
Boredom Role Play
This is when there has been no planned/story rp, and the general rp seems sort of boring. Basically, out of the group of people that are there one will be chosen to be GM and they have try and come up with an rp on the spot. It's Fly-By-the-Seat-of-Your-Pants-RP it sometimes can be fun because even the GM or GMs isn't sure what's going to happen. :) 

Just want to chat?

If you find your self in chat and there is an RP going on and you don't want to play or you just wish to just chat with other clan members. The only thing you need to do is place your comments in (  ) or (( )). For example: 

Roleplayer1> ((BRB I gotta go get some water)) 

Roleplayer2> (ok!) 

Roleplayer3> (Did anyone see that new movie that came out this weekend?) 

Who gets to be Game Masters?
It doesn't matter!! muhahaha! 
What I mean is, anyone in the clan can be a GameMaster. You just have to come up with a rp. If you  have any questions you can ask me or anyone else who has been a GM. 
When you come up with a rp you can try it out! You can schedule a date which you want to do your rp or you can try your skills in a Boredom Role Play.

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