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Favourite Sites

Station8 We live again!
THE central hub for anything Gargoyles, Station8 has been around for as long as Gargoyles has been, and is well known for its comment and chat rooms. It also boasts a wonderful selection of the best Gargoyles links the internet can offer!

Internet Archive: Digital Library
A truly amazing site...
"universal access to all knowledge"
is their slogan!

The Way Back Machine on this site helped recover lost data for our Clan's website.
What will you find when you go "way back"?

Deviant Art
A place where art meets application -
a favourite of clanners!
Deviantart has several Gargoyles-themed groups, and also hosts some of our own clanners' art. Check them out!

Question Copyright
Information wants to be Libre!
If Gargoyles was Free Culture, the show could still have new episodes...

Zombie Squad
Zombie Squad, a disaster preparation community. Back in the days of Gargoyles, humans knew how
to react in the face of disaster (with help from our gargoyle friends, of course!) These days? The Zombie Squad is there to help. Whatever  emergency it may be, whether natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, ZS is ready to instruct you.

Clan SteelClaw Clanner Websites
In alphabetical order by clanner name :)

RCBash Madbrook's RCBash Site
RCBash is a RC blog based in the love of RC cars. It's in German. :)

Sabrina's P.U.R.S. Page
Paranormal United Research Society, a.k.a. P.U.R.S., encompasses paranormal researchers from all over New England! Neat!

A Random Page Shaiya's Random Page A completely random page by Shaiya. Stuff gets added whenever she wants. Stuff gets taken away whenever she  wants. There's no real rhyme or reason here. 

Just your random art blog
Silver's Art Blog
Just your random art blog
"where you'll find random ass shit...


(If you don't know what NSFW means, or are under 18 years of age, do not click this link.)

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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