Name: WhiteCrow

Title/Status: Meiboka

Age: Immortal (56, but looks 35)

Species: Human & Fairy

Weapons: CHI-SWORD, very powerful. It was made from energy that was left over from when Migar was created.

Home Planet: Migar (now destroyed)

Father: Badock (Human) -
              died at 55, but looked 30 day.

Mother: Jade (Fairy) -
               died at 98, looked only 20

Family History

SIN-RYU: WC's real name, he is immortal, a fighter, healer and traveler.

JET-RYU: WC's twin brother (unknown to WC, Badock and Jet, for that matter) has same blood, face, and powers including immortaity.

DOVE: WC's first (deceased) wife, they were married at 20 (WC) and 19 (Dove). She died at 22.

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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