Vashkoda Name: Vashkoda

Status: Yakuin

Age: 1591 years (biologically 45 gargoyle years)

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight: ?

Colouring: Brown hair, yellow fur, scorpion-like tail


The Illuminati have not always been a secret society of corrupt humans whose shadowy manipulations helped secure them positions of power and influence. It was once the title of a select few, the ones chosen by Merlin to watch over the Objects of Light-- those magical items and structures that channelled the forces of good. In fact, it was not the Merlin of our world who founded the Society, but rather one of an alternate universe, who travelled here long ago in order to prevent the apocalyptic battle of good and evil that destroyed his world.

Vashkoda was inducted into the Society when she was but a hatchling, and charged with protecting the Holy Grail. Along with six others, she watched over the sacred chalice on a magical isle, not unlike Avalon, that would appear and disappear across the globe and throughout time.

Merlin foresaw the coming of a mighty king, the champion of good, and helped prepare his other self for his coming. He knew that the Grail's power to bestow immortality would be needed by this king, and so urged his Majesty to take on the Holy Quest and retrieve the Grail. The Isle's magic had been keyed to reveal itself to one of King Arthur's knights, and so it was that Sir Percival came upon the clearing where the Grail stood, surrounded by seven cold statues. Suddenly, the urge came upon him to drink from the Cup, and before he realized what he was doing, he had taken a sip. Without warning, the seven statues burst into life, and Merlin appeared beside them. After congratulating Sir Percival, Merlin and the gargoyles disappeared with the Grail, leaving a disgruntled and confused knight to wander his way back to Camelot. There, Merlin presented Arthur with the Cup, and was finally reassured that his Champion would withstand the dark days that were to come. The gargoyles stayed with Arthur, using the magical hoods Merlin had given them to blend in with the shadows and remain unseen by Arthur's court. But when the final battle had come, and Arthur and Mordred both lay dying on the ground, Merlin realized with despair that he had been tricked. The Grail's magic protected another, and there was only one other whom that could be. The gargoyles, who had been sleeping when the tragedy struck, arose to seek out the traitorous knight. Unfortunately, no sign of him could be found, and a few months later, the Grail, too, went missing. Merlin charged the Illuminati to recover the Grail and avenge Arthur.

But as the years passed and their search proved unsuccessful, Merlin had to divide the group to protect the other Objects, lest Sir Percival seek them out as well. Because the dark knight was now immortal, Merlin bade the four remaining gargoyles to return to his Isle, whose magic would slow their aging even more than Avalon's could. Thus, the gargoyles waited, until Sir Percival re-emerged in northern France. The four wasted no time in finding and confronting Sir Percival, but they discovered, to their horror and dismay, that he had become powerful during his days in hiding. With strange, dark magic, he bound the gargoyles to serve him--all but one, who managed to escape his power. As a mockery of what they once were, and as a symbol of the power he knew would once be his, he took on the name of Master of the Illuminati. Thus, the Society became nothing more than a band of spies and thieves; its banner a symbol of greed and despair. But the one gargoyle who had escaped returned, and managed to free Vashkoda from the spell. Unfortunately, Percival forced them to battle their two brothers, and one was mortally wounded. The other, although freed, felt so ashamed and appalled at the horrors he had committed in Percival's service, that he flew away and disappeared. Vashkoda and her sister were forced to escape without the Grail, and once again, Percival vanished. The two Illuminati watched the centuries pass from their Isle, looking for any sign or rumour of the Dark Society. Occasionally, Vashkoda would return to the normal world to look for clues or enlist aid in their search. She recently met up with the SteelClaw Clan, worthy allies who have pledged to help in her quest. SteelClaw.

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