Name: Thaylog

Status: Dajo Tenno

Age: 700+ Human Years, Immortal

Race: Gargoyle & Alkyrian

Abilities: Shape-Shifter, Dimensional Travel

Weapons: Katana and Laser Weapons


Unknown to me till later, I was taken back in time (1271) and left to be hatched and raised by a foster clan in the Carpathian Mountains. From the moment of my hatching I was looked upon as a bad omen and more then one clan member sought my death - my ‘father’s’ leader position all that kept them from succeeding.

Eventually, even this was not enough to keep peace within the clan and my father was forced to exile me in the late Autumn of 1305. Young and naive, I found myself in a world very different then what I had been used to and very unfamiliar with the beings called Humans.

The centuries were lonely ones for me, trying my best to survive by taking up residence where I could - sometimes within human cities, other times in the forests or mountains. A few dear friendships were made during those long years teaching me that not all humans were evil, cruel beings. It was then that I also learned of my immortality - not a pleasant thing to be sure.

1995 arrived, finding me in New York - a very wealthy gargoyle with no idea on how to use my fortune to my advantage. A chance (or was it really so) meeting with a female gargoyle started a run of good luck and brought me face to face with my true parents. Deep within my heart I hated them for abandoning me all those centuries ago, but was able to push it aside to learn from them. It turned out I had inherited more then just my mother’s immortality - many of her magical abilities had bred true as well and I knew I needed to learn how to use them.

True to my nature, I could not remain under their 'reign' very long and quickly departed to find my own place in the world. Near a decade of wondering and plotting passed - the time finally coming when things started to fall into order.

On my way to Pennsylvaina I ran into Flynt - a strong friendship soon forming. Months later, having established a company and acquired a new home in the mountains, we ran into a some other lone gargoyles and formed a clan of our own - SteelClaw.

What does the future hold - plenty of opporutnity to be sure, and we are now in the position to enjoy and explore it all......

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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