Kaiin - Silver

Silver Name: Silver

Status: Yakuin

Age: Unknown - appears to be in late teens or early 20's.

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight: 6'

Colouring: Brown skin. Inner wing colour red, outer wing colour black.

Powers: Shape shifter, but has limits, can't turn into anything smaller than a mouse or bigger than a grizzly bear. If she wishes she can stay in a form for two days in a row but no longer on the account that she will have to turn to stone for at least a day to regain her strength.


This is the history of my birth clan: They came to the "New World" (North America) in the 1600s. They lived together with the Native Human Tribes, whom they trusted more than the humans that also immigrated to the "New World". My clan moved across the land to the Rocky Mountains, they befriended such tribes as the Blackfeet and many others. My clan stayed there many years, but where forced to move because of the new settlers, that also drove the Tribes out of the area. My clan stayed with some of the tribes trying to find a new place to live. The Trail of Tears, white men rounded up the tribes, my clan fought with the tribes, until a trusted Chief of one the Tribes told our leader that the clan should escape with as many people they could find. They did so, they fled toward Canada. Finally in the Rockies once again, they found a place they thought they could be safe. The humans and gargoyles now lived there, safe. Until one day when the gargoyles where in stone, white men came again, they took the humans. Smashed half the gargoyles. The gargoyles awakened, and there was a great cry of sorrow heard that night. The remaining gargoyles wanted to avenge it, but the humans where long gone. All that was left was to stay, and survive.

I was hatched in Spring, and sometime in the 1900s that's all I know. It was long after the carnage of there years before. I was one of five hatchlings, Me, Bax, Dallas, Hawk, and Cass. Life was good those first few years of my life. But then one night.. fire swept through our home nearly everyone died, I thought they all did, and I ran. The Gargoyle the claimed he set the fire was Karson, my father fought him that night and they both disappeared. I ran, living alone for many years, I found a company with a gargoyle pup that was part of a pack of gargoyle beasts and wolves. His mother died and his pack fell apart, I took him in and named him Sirius.

Me and Sirius travelled over the land many years, we learned to live with nature, and not against it. We found a clan of gargoyles, we stayed with them, I found a mate called NightAngel, we had to leave the clan.

NightAngel and I had an egg, but something happened. We were separated, I thought NightAngel and the egg where dead. After this I soon learned of my "powers" I learned to shapeshift. I was still very sad over the loss of my mate and egg. I changed my form, became human. I tired to find a new life as a human, I learned human science, history, math, reading and writing. Life seemed good, but then I discovered something, my egg at least had survived! I found it, he was hatched, he appeared to be only a few years old. I took him back from those who took him from me.

I named him Chaz. Life was very different after that, I tried living two lives, as a human and as a gargoyle. We travelled, I wanted to find a clan, a safe place to raise my son. I didn't want him grow up never know what life in a clan was like.

After a long time, of searching and going from clan to clan we found this clan. I hope this will be the last time I will have to enter a new clan, I hope my search is over.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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