Alias: Shaiya

Title/Status: Yakuin

Duties:  Acting Leader

Age: Approx. 30 Gargoyle years (15 in Human)

Species: Uncertain; appears to be Gargoyle

Height/Weight: 5'0"

Colouring: Long, fine silver hair, slight figure, large bright, light yellow-green eyes. Skin coloration resembles human coloring; pale skin with an orange tinge. She has black, feathered wings, and the peculiar ability to retract them, appearing quite human with gloves on and hair covering her ears. Usually wears a white dress, black cloak and a pair of black gloves. She also wears two pieces of jewelrey: a thin chain necklace with a small, round, pearllike jewel set in its center, and a red-gold ring on the middle finger of her left claw.

Powers: The ability to absorb and grow her wings at will. Resistant to most poisons and toxins; can identify poisons/toxins by taste and, once exposed to them, recreate a variety poisons/toxins within her body. Ability to stay "flesh" by day, but only if her wings are absorbed during the sunrise, and with great cost to her stamina if she keeps "awake" continually.  Shaiya's preferred weapons in battle are a thin dagger and poisoned darts from a dart gun. She often dips her talons and fangs in poisons prior to a battle.


Shaiya appeared in the world of SteelClaw in 2008, as it was being formed. Hunted by villains during the day, she was saved by Thaylog, with whom she formed an immediate filial attachment; an attachment which was later expanded to the growing clan. Mystery surrounds how she appeared in this world, but what is known is that like some others in the clan, she was not born on this earth.

Persistant and stubborn, Shaiya is dedicated to her clan, and slow to trust sometimes. She is secretive by nature. When she has deemed a person "friend" or "clan", however, there is no stopping her strong protective streak. Sometimes at odds with her protective nature, she believes in the upholding the good of the many over the good of the few, and taking care of those nearby over those who are far away. As a result, she is capable of abandoning those closest to her - if she believes it is in the best interests of those concerned.

Detests "sorcerers" that practice black magic of any kind. This is probably directly due to her murky past, as she has few problems with the strange powers exhibited by some of the other members of the Clan- once she gets to know them, that is! Tries to avoid harming others, but is also a good warrior.  Her first instinct during a fight is to run away. Her second instinct is to stand and fight to the death.

She believes all Gargoyles are honorable creatures, and that any who are not have been corrupted by humans or sorcerers.

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