Sabrina Name: Sabrina

Status: Yakuin

Age: Immortal but appears to be 19 years old (physically)

Species: Garg/fae halfling

Height/Weight: 6'

Colouring: Chocolate brown skin, Black Hair

Powers: Teleportation, Illusion and some kind of energy blast


   My clan was destroyed long before any of the eggs were hatched. We were brought to Avalon by three kind humans who took care of us after we hatched.
To their surprise, one of the eggs ended up being twin baby girls...Mallory and myself.
   Later, when we were older, Mallory and I discovered both of us held a special gift of magic. In time we learned to use our gift to some extent.
   One day when I was practising teleporting from one place to place I ended up somewhere I had never seen before. I tried so hard to get back, but I was so exhausted that my powers were too weak.
   I fell asleep. Soon I awoke and found myself surrounded by unfamiliar faces. I screamed like a scared child, closing my eyes and wishing I was back home and this was all a bad dream. But when I opened them again, they were still there. Still frightened a bit, I looked around and saw a number of gargoyles looking back at me with puzzled faces. They were members of a clan of gargoyle who lived in the mountains and forest of Pennsylvania. However when my new clan was attacked my clan left. I was caputred by the ones who hunted us along with another newcommer to my clan, a gargoyle named Llewelyn. We escaped and were taken to Newbridge city where we met Thaylog and the founding members of what was to become my new clan.

Some time later I was cast into the future where I met my mate MadBrooklyn. We now have an egg and the future has never held so much hope for us.

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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