Malachi Name: Malachi

Status: Meiboka

Age: 90 (biologically 45 gargoyle years)

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight: ?

Coloring:  Yellow skin, red inner wing coloring

Born and raised in a castle in Seville Spain, Malachi has been the sole protector of a family of Spanish Nobles, the Garcia family, for several generations.

An odd, glowing, egg-shaped rock was found in a forgotten, dark, secret place deep in the bowels of the castle. A young boy named, Victorino, found the rock while playing Kings and Assassins with his cousin Felo. He spoke of it to no one deciding to return later to claim his discovery. The game continued and he all-but-forgot about the stone.

Days passed before he went back to check on the stone. He was amazed as he examined the stone more closely. It was warm and seemed to be stirring, softly. He wondered where it came from and what it was. He touched the odd stone and was petrified as images were flashed into his mind. Strange, elusive images, hard to distinguish at first, then, powerful and tactile until he was in another time and place. The images were unfamiliar but he was in the castle –it was newer. He saw Roman soldiers breach the castle gates. Many guards and soldiers lay dead or dying within the castle walls. The Romans showed no mercy as the onslaught continued. He then saw strange, winged and taloned creatures fighting alongside the castle defenders.       

The Romans began to fall, a few at first, then more –many more. They outnumbered the castle defenders many times over and began to push forward. The winged protectors too began to fall to the arrows and swords of the Roman army. They seemed unstoppable.        

 The vision then turned toward the interior of the castle. A female of the creatures was running down the long hallways that he and his cousin used so frequently. She came to a dark chamber at the end of the corridor and there she stopped. Inside there was a clutch of large, stone-like eggs and she counted them quickly.

 "One." She heard a voice say from the dark corner of the room. "Only one, can I save," said the voice. "You must decide which one it is to be."

 "Balderra!" she exclaimed. "…I’m…I’m glad you’re still with us." She closed the door behind her. Deciding was not easy. After thinking a bit, she chose. "It must be the first-laid," she said. "What must I do?"

 She ran along the path down to the dark, secret area that he had discovered only days before. There, she placed the egg and ran back to join the now hopeless battle.

Balderra approached the egg in the darkness and there he began his magic. He spoke an incantation while crushing herbs into a cloth. Then, placing the cloth over the egg, he spoke the final words and the egg vanished from sight.

Victorino was now back where he was before the vision began. He now understood.

Malachi stood beside the old man. Victorino told him the story of his origin –a story he had always kept inside. "You have been a great friend and protector to me and my family," he began. "Now that you know your true heritage, you must search the globe for others of your kind."      

 "I cannot leave the family unprotected," Malachi answered.

"We have entered a new age where your protection is not so greatly needed," returned Victorino. "We will manage in your absence…and we will gladly accept your return in the future. For now, you must find others of your kind if you are to have successors of your own…for though you age slower than we humans, you still age."        

 Malachi looked at the photographs on the wall of all the children and grandchildren of just one man –the only male heir. "I will return when I have found what I must." Malachi handed an object to his oldest friend.

"What is this?" Victorino asked surprised.        

 "A ‘Cell Phone.’"
 "Heh, Malachi, always the lover of human technology."        

 "Call me if you have need of me." With that, Malachi was gone.
 His search led him to Egypt and to a gargess named Cairo…In the city of the same name they ran across Ed and were introduced to clan SteelClaw.

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