MadBrookyln Name: MadBrooklyn

Title: Hatamoto

Status: Yakuin

Age: not known for sure but approx 43 human years. However due to inner cybernetic health modifications nearly immortal. "Born" on Station Citadel, 2072.

Species: Gargoyle clone with cybernetic enhancements.


Colouring: Orange skin, black hair.

Powers: High knowledge of the world-wide matrix (the worldwide network ~internet~ in 2027) of what the citadel network was a part of and other modern technology. Has the ability to time travel due to the genetic modifications that were taken from Brooklyn, especially from the Phoenix gate when cloned.


In the year 2072, April to be exactly, the hacker Case - sitting in a small apartment somewhere in Seattle - tried to break into the network of station citadel to steal confidential documents. But the security system found him and the station security police arrested him. A top manager, Edward Diego - instead of locking him down or doing any experiments on him - asked Case to modify the local AI (Artificial Intelligence) and to remove the ethnic barriers for what SHODAN (the AI) is not able to kill human beings. Diego wanted to cover some illegal deals he did and therefore he wanted to use SHODAN to kill the people who know about this. Case agreed, because he knew it's easy for Diego to kill him and no-one would ever ask about him. Case was a shadowrunner, and therefore he was not registered in any city. He did his job, and Diego on the other side gave him the latest cybernetic equipment. After a long operation in which this brand-new cybernetic interface was installed, Case had to do a health sleep in a health chamber for about 6 months. Diego deleted then in his paranoia all the notices and logs that were related to what Case did with SHODAN and even any documents about Case himself. That's why SHODAN, when it went mad, didn't know about Case, and through the 6 months, SHODAN killed nearly every being on the station to do its own experiments. It went crazy, and the whole station turned into a nightmare of mutants and cyborgs.

That's the situation when Case awakes 6 months later, in the November 2072. Brooklyn (the real Brooklyn not me) appeared through the Phoenix gate on the station exactly that time when Case awoke out of his health sleep. They became friends and Brooklyn has no other possibility to help Case in his task to stop SHODAN (that now has serious plans to destroy earth). Later on in the story, SHODAN captured Brooklyn and cloned him. He wanted this clone to defeat Case and Brooklyn because the clone, later called MadBrook, has all the features and some more to be the first choice for this task. Fortunately, Brooklyn and Case found the clone chamber before the process has finished and Case was able to re-program the clone. And so they have MadBrook for a friend and not for an enemy. But they could never be sure for MadBrook's friendship because the influence of SHODAN was still visible. (but despite he's a status-quo, he never did something really dangerous for Brooklyn and Case).

Finally, they defeated SHODAN, enabled the self-destructing sequence for the station and escaped in some sort of emergency pods to earth.

After this spectacle, MadBrook and Sabrina bought an isle of Hawaii and started a new life there. They still are in contact with Case, and Case visits them from time to time, but the most of the time Case make his own life in the shadow of the Seattle metroplex. **please note the above is based on the game "System Shock"**

If you want to know more about the story citadel, you should visit Madbrook's Stories and read chapter 1 to 3.

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