Kaiin - Lunna

Name: Lunna

Status: Bushi

Age: ?

Black/red top & long loincloth/skirt

Coloring: Green skin, grey wing interior, brown hair.

Species: Gargoyle

Lunna's History

I first remembered the smell of wax burning within the high walls of the cathedral.  From my perch I could see the entirety of the church.  Below my talons sat the old, the lost, and the desperate silently praying to a higher power the humans called Our Father in Heaven.  Whoever he was he had many children.  For day and night the humans came and asked for guidance.  To this day I've still yet to understand humans.  I protect them along with my clan but their ways are not gargoyle ways.  Several centuries my clan lay in quiet at this simple church in central Europe.  The outside influence of the modern world crept into the establishment little by little.  Electricity, plumping, and as Father Jacobs once mentioned, "The glorious heaven sent miracle of central heating".

Father Jacobs and his fellow priests pray for the people that pass through their doors.  No prejudice, spite, or indifference falls into the Father's visage.  Like his title states he is a father to those searching for hope.  I remember his mentor Father Augustus allowing me to sit in a pew after hours to hear him pray.  Many of the cloth might see a Gargoyle as a demon or monster spawn, but the priests knew differently.  Coined "angels of mercy" my clan resided on the outcroppings and spires of the grand cathedral.  Of course, the same priest who gave us our patron mantle also named us.

For all the years spent in the cathedral my clan had yet to receive names.  When the time arose for the twelve of us to inherit namesakes a certain excitement permeated the clan.  Father Eli dubbed us in favor of the "blessed book" as he called it.  My name "Lunna" came from poor spelling on Eli's part and his love of the moon.  It stuck with me every since.  The clan stumbled over the concept of names until routine and practice won out.  Sadly Father Eli passed away from cancer before knowing the good his naming would do.  Not long after the loss of Father Eli news spread informing the world Gargoyles existed.

The first reaction from Father Jacobs was one of concern.  Since the humble beginnings of the church, the priests found that my ancestral clan of gargoyles staked the church's property as their territory.  These gargoyles acted in half hostility, half curiosity towards the church's founders.  It's the driven nature of my species to become protective of our territory.  Our domain is ours alone.  Through persistence and persuasion the priests gradually won my people over.  Fast forward to contemporary times where my clan lives under the priests' protection; the priests under our protection.

Young gargoyle minds are easily swayed when new and wondrous ideals unfold.  Such mentality held true to me and my rookery siblings.  Within the first year of Gargoyles brought to public attention the younger rookery siblings knew this was our time.  Curious gargoyles asked permission wanting to seek the "Manhattan" Clan.  The fathers persisted in trying to keep us at the cathedral.  With much discussion and argument the clan leader agreed but only five could leave for New York.  Yours truly became a lucky member to that entourage.

You must know my clan lived in a small city located in central Europe where the cathedral was founded.  Even after all this time I cannot fathom the name of the church or the location.  From my rookery siblings I learned it was in either Germany or Belgium...I cannot say for certain.  We arrived in New York with the help of the Xanatos Corporation.  Arrival in New York at night was a most thrilling experience.  My heart raced faster than if I was gliding across the skies back home.  A smile etched into my face.  A new life and new possibilities lay stretched out before me and my clan.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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