Llewelyn Name: Llewelyn

Status: Meiboka

Age: 21 garg years (physically), 42 human years

Species: Garg/fae halfling

Height/Weight: 6'1"

Colouring: Orangey brown skin, Raven Hair.

Powers: Has the control of the element of fire.


Llewelyn was part of the younger generation of the Wyvern gargoyles. She always felt somehow different and withdraw from her rookery siblings as she grew up.

One day a couple of her rookery brothers started to pick on her because of her quiet nature, knowing that she would not stand up for herself. Something snapped in Llewelyn and fire suddenly burst on the clothes of her taunting siblings burning them as the others tried to put the flames out.

Llewelyn ran, knowing that she had somehow caused the fire, afraid of what she could do to her siblings and herself. Many nights later a gargoyle stranger came to her proclaiming himself to the the fey Phoenix and her father. He told her that he had taken gargoyle form and lived with her clan for years and met her mother. Shortly after Llewelyn was hatched her mother was killed in battle and Phoenix could not bare to live with the clan without his love so he left. After finding out years later that his daughter had shown fey powers he came to her.

Llewelyn went with her father to Avalon where she learned to harness her powers and was given her name. Oberon soon announced that his children should leave Avalon and Llewelyn wished to go back to her clan in an attempt to "fit in".

Unfortunately, the clan had been destroyed except for six. Phoenix used the gate he forged to send his daughter to the future, the 1990's, to find a new clan to join.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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