Kahreen Name: Kahreen

Title: Dajo Tenno

Status: Yakuin

Age: 335 years old

Species: Biomech until 2010 and then Gargoyle.

Height/Weight: Biomech: 5 foot 8 inches Gargoyle: 6 foot

Colouring: Red Hair and pale tan skin (both incarnations) Yellow eyes (biomech), red eyes (gargoyle). Dark red inner and outer wing colouring (gargoyle)


The clan know very little about Kahreen's past and Kahreen is very reluctant to tell anyone her history. She was 'born' in 1675 on a planet called Kithan. After disaster befell Kithan in 1695 Kahreen found herself wandering from planet to planet, eventually finding herself on Earth in the year 1977.  In 2008 she was employed my a company called Dominion Enterprises in Pennsylvania to hunt down and 'acquire' some gargoyles for them. However when she accidentally learned of Dominions true intent she allied herself with Thaylog's small band of gargoyles and together they defeated Dominion.

However for Kahreen the victory was bittersweet. Now that she had found a place to call home and people she actually cared for, Kahreen found that she had met an enemy she could not defeat...her own mortality. Her body was old and beginning to wear down. Soon after the defeat of Dominion she began to experience the first of what were to be temporary system failures. In one incident a wound inflicted by a possessed Silver caused Kahreen to temporarily shut down, the wound only being healed by energy provided from an outside source. Kahreen knew her time was limited but she kept this fact hidden from the rest of the clan.

In January 2009 Kahreen and Flynt were sent by Thaylog to retrieve a magical talisman from a dig site. Unbeknownst to both Kahreen and Flynt the talisman had teleportational capabilities and after the talisman was accidentally broken, Kahreen and Flynt were sent to Kithan. Not the Kithan of the present day but a Kithan of the past, thousands of years before Kahreen was even born. Here Kahreen  was faced not only with the problem of getting back to Earth but with the fact that she was now in a flesh and blood body - a gargoyle flesh and blood body.

But all these were the least of her problems. It seemed that both Flynt and herself had stumbled straight into the middle of an age old prophecy, one that involved a tan warrior and his flame haired mate....

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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