Name: Jinnai

Status: Meiboka

Species: Spirit Fox


Born in Canada, Jinnai didn't know until much later that she and her mother were "spirit foxes"--a breed of Oberon's Children. She can change from fox to human form, and a shape in between. As her family members are killed or simply disappear, she learns that other fae are hot on her tail, ordered to bring her to Avalon for the Gathering. At the same time, Illuminati members are after her, both as a specimen and for revenge. She develops skill and magical abilities in stealth and subterfuge. Eventually her path crosses Vashkoda's, and they help each other access information on the Illuminati while escaping a fae ambush. Her wandering spirit has since taken Jinnai to unknown lands.

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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