Name: Flynt

Status: Dajo Tenno

Species: Gargoyle

Coloring: Tan with purple wings, white hair, two large horns sprouting from forehead ridge


    Flynt was born in the past sometime between the fall of the legendary Atlantis and the rise of ancient Egypt. During this largely unknown period of history, Flynt's world was abundant in magic. Flynt's homeland was besieged by an evil overlord and his dark armies. The warlord possessed and ancient amulet, said to have been forged at the time the world began. With its power the warlord sought to bring everything under his control. The castle where Flynt's clan lived and defended was among the first to fall before the onslaught, resulting in great loss of life, including his mate. Only a handful of gargoyles and humans escaped the carnage.

    The next year was one of chaos as Flynt took the remnants of the clan to the mountains in refuge as the warlord's armies steadily took over the land.

    Soon it was discovered that the warlord's wizards, with the aid of the magic possessed by the amulet, had fashioned a portal capable of manipulating time and space. Flynt's clan, among others, joined the growing armies of the last noble capable of stopping the warlord's advance. The combined gargoyle/human armies marched against the warlord's capital in a final desperate attempt to stop him. Flynt's squad penetrated the defenses and confronted the warlord at the portal. In the ensuing battle the portal was destroyed, but Flynt was caught in the magical explosion resulting from its destruction and pulled in moments before it collapsed. Only later did he discover that the blendings of the amulets and portals energies gave him the ability to rapidly heal, even mortal wounds. Whether this is a form of invulnerability to injury, or real immortality he does not know.

    He awoke to find himself in the present. To his surprise he discovered gargoyles still existing. Eventually he met up with Thaylog, Dayia and later other gargoyles, which led to the forming of Clan SteelClaw.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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