Name: Red

Alias: Ed

Title:  Clan Bard

Status: Yakuin

Age: born 05/01/1998. (27 years old as a human 13 years as a New Olympian

Species: : New Olympian (sometimes appears human)

Powers: If he has any they have never been developed, although he may have heightened navigational skill

Red was an inquisitive New Olympian who took up a spying mission on Earth because he thought it would be fun. What he didn't know is that this involved being brainwashed into thinking he was an amnesiac human, his skin moulded in a painful magical process into the shape of a human being, and being dumped on the side of a river near Newbridge. Assuming the alias of Ed, because it sounded familiar, he went to university and was offered a graduate place with the Newbridge Telegraph. After being fired for incompetence while investigating the doings of Clan SteelClaw and Thaylog's company, Interdimensional Enterprises, Thaylog Legacy hired him to watch over the clan shortly before he disappeared. Meanwhile, the New Olympian Isolationist Regiment (NOIR) learnt of the plan to send a spy to Earth, and sent out an assassin. After killing the assassin and faking his own death, Red realised the clan was all he has left. As time passes, shreds of his past are gradually returning to him and with help is learning to shapeshift between his Olympian and human guises. This - and the wage packet - will keep him with the clan. For now.

Although fairly competent in the human world, Red is likely to defer to the clan in most matters - which isn't to say he will agree with them, just that he is unlikely to push his own opinion forward (even when he should). More likely to see problems than solutions, the shades of grey rather than the black and white, and uncomfortable in the position of responsibility he has been asked to fulfil, Ed is for all that eager to prove himself capable of the tasks he's been assigned.

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