Kaiin - Dreamie

Name: Dreamie

Status:  Meiboka

Age:  50 (Human years: 25)

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight: Height: 5'7" (human: 5'3")

Weight: 150lbs (Human:110)

Coloring:  Skin: light olive-tan; Hair: brown; Eyes: Brown; Clothes: Usually a red/gold color scheme.

Powers: Carries a pouch of transformation dust: Can assume human form. Close to and enjoys nature.


Hatched in Washington State in 1960. Grew up under the care of the surviving members of clan Washington. Clan massacred, but eggs unharmed in or around 1952. Trained by clan leader Jacklyn, and given the transformation powder by a native woman whom the gargoyles universe knows as "Grandmother", who also named her "Uganasdv Asgitisdi" or "Sweet Dream" in early childhood. The young gargess travelled to New York with fellow siblings to meet the Clan there, in the process meeting her mate Alan in 1996. Returned to Washington soon after.

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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