Name: Dayia

Status: Meiboka

Species: Gargoyle


I was lain (as an egg, duh!) in a normal gargoyle rookery - 13 member clan. Seven years after, the clan was attacked and sacked, the eggs were stolen to hatch and live out their miserable lives in a lab, all except me.

I was rescued by a clan member; an old female who couldn't fight but was able to do a fair bit of running. The old female (named Belladonna) wandered for the three years it took to hatch, and she took care of me for the next 15 years (didn't know my parents, so I was just fine) until she succumbed to the elements and old age.

Did a bit of wandering myself after that, living in the wilderness and in small towns (without the knowledge or consent of the country people) until I ran into the now forming Clan SteelClaw, and here I am.

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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