Chaeslon Name: Chaeslon

Status: Meiboka

Age: ?

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight: ?

Colouring: Green skin colouring

Powers: Limited knowledge of magic. It doesn't come easy to him, but with enough intense study, he can learn basic magic spells. The one spell he has memorized and can cast at any time is a small fireball, which can be used as a last resort weapon, but is mostly for lighting torches and such.


He is the last dark knight from his former clan of gargoyle knights. In the middle of a battle (the knight clan's last), he turned upon the leader and killed him, to save an innocent captive. He took the prisoner and hid her away from the battle. The dark garg knight clan was outnumbered by the "good" human knights, and so after the smoke cleared he ended up being the last dark knight. He delivers the captive to the humans, who spare him for protecting the young child.

Chaeslon is very contemplative, constantly staring off into the distance and thinking about something. He thinks things through, sometimes a little too much. He's not one for long conversations.

He wears armor that is a magically-lightened plate mail, which gives him good protection in combat yet affords him the ability to fly. (though at cost of reduced maneuverability, his armor isn't feather-light)

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