Name: Cesar

Status: Meiboka

Age:  19

Species: Gargoyle, Wolf, Bat. (former human)

Height/Weight:  7'8"


Cesar is an orphan, at 18 he left the catholic orphanage, moved to the big city and got him self a low level job as a security guard for ZENtech. after working there a few months he was chosen to received an
experimental treatment, which combined Gargoyle DNA, Timber Wolf DNA, and Flying Fox (bat) DNA, mutating him into the beast he now is. Cesar has a long time addiction to comic books and western movies, which explains his Clint Eastwood like accent and his morals.

Cesar was a part of the ZENtech force that invaded the SteelClaw mansion. Events of that night made him question his loyalties to ZT. However even though Cesar may have severed his ties with that organization ZENtech still has plans for him.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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