Name: Cairo

Status: Meiboka

Age:  ?

Species: Gargoyle

Height/Weight:  ?

Colouring:  Brown eyes, brown hair, red skin



Belonged to an clan of Gargoyles that dwelt in the Sahara for generations. They were called by some tribes as either the angels or demons of the desert--depending on your point of view. They protected the various tribes there from bandits and such. There cave- where they stayed during the day was unknown to anyone.
One night the gargoyle later to be known as Cairo- got lost and to protect herself-buried herself in a dune so that no one would find her when she was stone. (and she didn't have to worry about breathing while she was asleep.) When she eventually found her way back to her clan's cave--she found them all destroyed.
It took her a while to figure out what to do. Eventually she decided that who ever destroyed her clan, might return- so she left.
Eventually she found herself in Cairo, Egypt. There she met Demona--who in the guise of Domonique Destine was there to secure a oil deal for Nightstone Unlimited. She gave the young gargoyle a name: Cairo after the city she found her in ; and invited her to come with her to America- where she could at least sleep soundly in the Nightstone Enterprises building.
Cairo accepted.
Demona and Cairo eventually had a falling out, and the Arabic gargoyle wandered about the strange foreign land she now found herself in.
Until she landed by chance in Penn. and ran in to Thaylog--


Tends to give ambiguous answers, trusts very few, thought she had killed Demona (does not know that Demona can only die by Macbeth's hand.) does not reveal this to SteelClaw for obvious reasons. Good hunter- typical weapon--spear. Enjoys dance--typically uses two black sheer veils--likes the music of the middle east greatly.

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