Clan SteelClaw History

Your eye is drawn to a compact book; a quantity of tiny, precise lettering within its fragile pages.
The title informs you of the contents: Clan SteelClaw History. You begin to read...

Clan SteelClaw was founded on the 27th February 1998 by Flynt & Thaylog.


In early 1998, a small group of individuals - many, strangers to each other - responded to an invitation left in the S8 Comment Room by a man named Bahemut. The invitation was for anyone who longed for a clan: a clan who would welcome anyone, no matter how lost they had become... how "forgotten" they felt by the outside world. Together they would build a community, and the community would be called "The Forgotten Clan."

Fast forward a few months. The Forgotten Clan has attracted a number of individuals, a majority who come and go like leaves blowing in the wind. Two of the members, Flynt and Thaylog, long for a closer-knit clan. One where, more like family, members would remain active, contributing, and together, thereby creating long-lasting bonds between its members.

This desire to break free came to a head during February of 1998 when the soon-to-be-founding members of Clan SteelClaw confronted the Forgotten Clan's oft-absent leader, Bahemut, and broke free from the Forgotten Clan to form their own clan.

Seven members formed the core of the newly formed Clan SteelClaw, with Thaylog as its leader and Flynt as its Second-in-Command. These two founders, our leaders, were given the Japanese-inspired title "Daimyou", while other titles including "Samurai" and "Shougun" were created and given to the rest of the founding members. A High Council of Clan SteelClaw was established for its "government", and the Clan thrived.

Many new members applied to Clan SteelClaw in the years to follow, and despite the 15-member rule/limit that had been instated to keep the clan closely knit, it quickly grew in richness and strength. New members were given "Bushi" status and allowed to "prove their worth", as it were, being given full membership status after being active within the clan for a period of time.

Others were offered membership by merit of their continual participation, or were honored with the title "Honorary Member". There were a few instances of great sadness where life forced one or more of our members to retire, either temporarily or permanantly, from active status, and with great sadness and respect, the title of "Member in Spirit" was created to fill the void.

Clan SteelClaw's members, actively contributing to many forums, spanning a wide range of interests and backgrounds, and possessed of a variety of talents, added much to the online world of Gargoyles in the areas of creativity and community.

Many talented artists, authors, and technically brilliant individuals resided amongst the ranks of the clan. And in some rare instances, the members even found love through the connections they made.


In 2001, Daimyou Thaylog, the leader and founder of Clan SteelClaw, abdicated his post of leadership to his Second-in-Command, Flynt. Flynt selected Kahreen for his own Second-in-Command.

In 2002, Flynt also stepped down from his post, and Kahreen became the clan's leader. Vashkoda, brilliantly talented and creative, was nominated for the post of Second-in-Command.

It was a time of great concerns in the RL (Real Life) of many of the clan's members.
What became of the clan is unknown; only that around the year 2003, the clan became inactive. The rest is a mystery, to all but those who were there.


Fast Forward Nine Years: The Reconstruction Project

Years later, the Clan's webpage, which had been hosted at geocitites, took a hard blow. Many of Clan SteelClaw's files were lost in the rubble of what was once the great empire of free web-based web-hosting.

I had longed, for some great time, to see our Clan reunite from whatever corners of the world we had been dispersed to. But discovering this great blow drove home the suddenly hopeless thought that we were now lost, broken beyond any possible repair, forever. It was heartbreaking. It was unbearable.

2002-2003 was a time of my life that was filled with ruin.
In the course of these crushing blows, I turned away, pushed away my only allies. In the course of withdrawing from those closest to me, I made many foolish decisions that I regret, deeply, to this day.  Though it has been years since Clan SteelClaw apparently vanished off the face of the earth, its members and their stories were etched so deeply on my heart and in my soul that discovering our legacy had been ravaged, hurt greatly.

I wondered where my long-lost clan sisters and brothers had gone, but though years had passed, I had never reached out to try to locate them. My lack of self-esteem and deeply-rooted fears guided me.  I thought that perhaps they had moved on. But maybe, just maybe, they were lonely for the time when we were together, just as I was. Maybe they, too, missed the clan, and by losing the world of SteelClaw, they also lost an important part of their histories and selves.

I missed my clan. Even if I couldn't have them back, I wanted to make an effort- something tangible- that informed the world: We were here! We were friends. We were family. And we were all, every one of us, amazing... and irreplacable.

And maybe, along the way, I might find my long-lost siblings, and once again bring our amazing clan back together.

No matter where you are, or what life has thrown your way, I knew that, more than  anything, I wanted to say to each and every one of us who remembers being part of Clan SteelClaw with pride: you are not alone. You live forever here.

To my clan sibs...
Welcome home.


"Sometimes what one thinks is lost is only waiting to be found again"
-Titania, Part 13 of the Clan SteelClaw Chonicles Season Two: Break-In


Year 2012: ...We live again!

In late 2012, Clan SteelClaw was successful in locating a handful of its members. What joy! Madbrook, Sabrina, Silver, and Vashkoda have been found! :)

Also newsworthy, with much gratitude to Madbrook, our clan's domain can now be accessed at!

The search for the rest of our clan is not over...

...but it is so good to relocate our dear friends! Thank you, so much, everyone. I am overjoyed to see you again!! :)

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Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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