You open a heavy, hardbound volume. Inside are a list of terms that can be found around the site.


We tend to use a lot of Japanese terms throughout the clan site so, to make things easier, we've put up this glossary of Japanese terms and their meanings. If you are interested in Samurai and such then this site may be of interest to you. There other words that are creations of clan members and they too are included here.

Between: A plane of existance that exists between this world and the next. A dimension of mists it is also home to places such as Avalon and the magical island Vashkoda travelled on before losing contact with it. In the Steelclaw universe it is also the home to demons such as the Oni.

Biomech: A technological lifeform who looks and acts biological in nature. They usually have a lifespan of 700 years but high energy use or abuse of the nanophages may drastically reduce that lifespan.

Daimyou:  A title that denotes a leader or second-in-command of Clan SteelClaw. Originally a name given only to the two founders, this title was later expanded to include any current leader or second.

Taishou:  A title used in Clan SteelClaw. Taishou are members of the High Council that deliberate clan matters.

Hatamoto: 'Bannerman' or 'Banner Knight' These are retainers close to the Daimyou/Shogun and accorded certain priviledges and special status.

Shogun:  A title used in Clan SteelClaw that falls between "Taishou" and "Samurai" within the the clan's ranks. Members who originally held the title of Shogun were "promoted" to Taishou at the formation of that rank, to allow a greater versatility of responsibilities.

Samurai: Title for full-fledged clan members. A name given to warriors loyal to the Daimyō.

Bushi: Title for new clan members. Bushi are promoted to Samurai when their membership "trial period" ends.

Dajo Tenno: Honorific title for an abdicated emperor or in the case of the clan leaders who have now stepped down.

Takoku - shū : Allies. Members of the clan who have either stepped down or have left the clan. This replaces the 'members in spirit' status we once had.

Yakuin: Officer/Staff/Person in charge. Denotes active, full status.

Meiboka: Person of great renoun, this title honors those whose very spirit defines the clan. For wandering members who may at some time return.

Fae: Also known as Oberon's Children. They are creatures of magic.

Gargoyle: A creature that is stone during the day and flesha nd blood during the night. Has the ability to glide on air currents. Ages at half the rate of a human being.

Newbridge: A fictional city in Pennsylvania. Mostly used as a battleground between the clan and their enemies. A place that sites eternally in 'interesting times'.

Oni: An ogre or a human who is bestial and brutal in nature. In the clan chronicles the Oni is a demon who can suck the life energy from people in adition to posessing them.

Nyuusuretta: "Newsletter"... say it out loud.

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