Q. How do I navigate this site?
A. You can go here for a descriptive site map. Click the links to navigate.

Q. What does (this word) mean?
A. You will find terminology throughout this site that may be unfamiliar to you. Please check out the Glossary (found in the Library) for definitions to titles and the like.

Q. What is Clan SteelClaw?
A. Clan SteelClaw was a group of closely-knit friends who worked together creatively within the SteelClaw universe from 1998-2003 to create stories, interact through RPG games, design art, chat, publish newsletters, and just have fun together. Find out about Clan SteelClaw's history here. Currently the Clan's webpage is under reconstruction, and we are accepting new members at this time.

Q. Can I/How do I join SteelClaw?
A. Membership is open at this time! Contact the webmaster by posting a comment in our CR or sending an email to request membership status.  When membership is granted, your character page can be added to the Clan's Kaiin page.

Q. What are the requirements for Clan membership status?

A. Upon becoming a member, you will need to provide a name for your character, a character description, a rough character background, and a general explanation of the manner in which you would like your character to "meet" the Clan within the SteelClaw universe. Members will be be asked to participate in Clan activities on a regular basis, and are encouraged to contribute creatively to the Clan site. Original art, stories, poetry, editing skill, web design, original RPG plots, or GMs, or any other creative contributions will help the Clan grow as a site and community.

Q. I used to be a member. How do I update my clan status?
A. Welcome home!! Reactivating your status is as simple as posting in the CR or sending an e-mail and letting me know who you are and that you would like to update your membership status. I might cry with happiness, but don't be alarmed- it's simply because nothing would be more wonderful than to see you again!

Q. What is CC BY-NC-SA copyright and why is it used?
A. See CC BY-NC-SA to read about the Creative Commons copyright used on this site. Any new material added to this page will be copyrighted under the Creative Commons license unless otherwise stated. Please note that the Archives may utilize different copyright notices, which will be displayed on the bottom of the page.

Q. How to contact us?
A. Currently the site is still being created, so a lot of things are in progress. Click here to visit the Clan's current Comment Room. You can also reach the webmaster here: clansteelclaw@gmail.com Please do not get dismayed if there is a delay in responding to your e-mail, as e-mail gets checked less regularly around here. For a quick response, posting in the CR is your best bet!

Is there a version of this site that is less graphic-heavy?
The plan is for there to be a text-based version of the site available soon. :)

Ieji - The Road Home
Ieji - The Road Home

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