SteelClaw Newsletter
Issue VI - No. II - November 1999
Another of our mascots, it represents the creativity of the clan, which can be sampled in each edition of our Newsletter.
Creativity Demon
Some of you may have noticed that the Creativity Demon was missing from last month's NL.  Despite popular rumor, the Creativity Demon did NOT run away to France, Germany, Scotland, Australia, England, or anywhere else.  We did not receive postcards from the above mentioned places stating that the Creativity Demon was having a fabulous time.  And we most certainly did not plant this rumor because our editor forgot to put the Creativity Demon on the front page of our newsletter.  Now that you all have been properly soothed about the matter, and the Creativity Demon has once again returned to our pages let's get on to the Newsletter itself. 

The new sections below include a SteelClaw Voice Cast by Ed and Scottish Myths by Kahreen.  More samples of our Clan artists' excellent artwork continues to be available in Art, and our new sections from last month's newsletter- Hunting Humans 101, Tea, Wordfind, 101 Ways to Serve Humankind, and the Flynt Fan Club- are continued in this issue.  The Kitchen has been expanded, and Dear Demona has made a comeback. 

Stop by Happiness and Bliss for another dose of humor from Gigi, check out the new History lesson by Flynt, and visit Episodes for another review by Ed.  And to finish off the issue, we have a special Clan Thanksgiving story by Cairo and Malachi.

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Ieji - The Road Home

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